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1 oz. Steel Smokehouse Brisket Beef Jerky

1 oz. Steel Smokehouse Brisket Beef Jerky

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Introducing a culinary first for Steel: Smokehouse Brisket Beef Jerky. Sourced from the highest quality meats, our Brisket Beef Jerky is tender, packed with flavor, and perfectly chewable. Each bag is crafted with natural ingredients that do not compromise on flavor, providing you with a clean way to enjoy your favorite treat. 

Korean BBQ: An in-house favorite, Korean BBQ is a great fit for tender brisket. Gluten-free tamari, a bit of sweetness, garlic & onion, finished with a blend of mouth-watering spices makes for a truly unique flavor. If you are looking for something new, we highly recommend this flavor.

Cracked Pepper: A classic flavor leaning heavily into the rustic, traditional flavor of Cracked Pepper straight from the mill. Beef jerky traditionalists will appreciate the simple, powerful taste. It’s the classic, done right.

Teriyaki: A classic flavor, providing the ideal balance between soy sauce, light pineapple, and Worcestershire. Pops of savory garlic, tamarind, and clove help to elevate the flavor to a new level with a small but noticeable twist on traditional Teriyaki. 

Spicy Sweet: Spicy Sweet brings a novel approach to how brisket beef jerky is typically seasoned, hitting you with equal notes of heat and sweetness. Fans of Kansas City-style barbecue sauce will know what to expect, and the seasoning compliments the tenderness of our brisket just right. 

Smoky BBQ: A mesquite style barbecue approach with hits of rustic tomato, gluten-free tamari, onion, garlic, and a delicious blend of peppers. Smoky BBQ has a heavy, straightforward taste you can savor. 

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